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Hi, It`s very important for us when you donate for services that we create to improve usability of Bytecoin for multiplicity of people. Because if we want to build widely used blockchain platform (mean bytecoin), we need more services. If we'll have more services and more people that use bytecoin in everyday life - bytecoin price will increase and we all will be able to buy at least one lambo for bytecoin. To develop other services, an excellent incentive for the developer serves DONATIONS. (yes, it looks like a closed circle). This is a kind of contract between the community, and the inspired developer. Well, let's build an anonymous and secure payment system, with many useful and exciting features. I'm interested in developing bytecoin, and you?

Best regards - Pavlo

BCN: 24hMemSM9BQY4m2gAgexxuaaLgCy1dXBNNm92GCAemiVGh4rKKDizFd7s2qp4UHMngZrGjiDgCFwxEyuna6SKwxzNDKL4iq

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100040.25992 BCN

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166340.26992 BCN

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